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~How To Open Your Psychic Abilities~

If you read my last blog then you learned about psychic abilities and that psychic abilities are inherent in all humans. It’s just a matter of recognizing and allowing your abilities to flow.  Now I am going to give you some basic techniques that may help you to have a better awareness of your abilities, and learn how to strengthen them.  These techniques are easy and can be extremely enjoyable, if you allow yourself to take your time and have fun with them!  You should look at it as a beautiful journey of self discovery, and don’t push to make something come to surface.  Just allow yourself to open as a flower does to sunlight.  Remember that psychic vibrations are very subtle, and flow on a very high wave or frequency of energy.  When you first begin to develope your sensitivity to these vibrations it’s not likely they will hit you as a lightening bolt from the sky.  It will come when you are at peace within, and this state of being will allow you to be the most open and receptive.

Here are some helpful techniques for opening your psychic abilities:

* Set the stage – This means getting your mind wrapped around the idea that you are a Divine being in human form, and are naturally bestowed with amazing gifts.  The more that you focus on this idea and get yourself excited about opening up these gifts, the more open your mind and body will be.  A part of this process is doing some research about psychic abilities, and spiritual gifts.  The more you learn and focus on these gifts, the more you will be able to draw them into your life.

* Practice meditation – Developing your abilities to the fullest requires raising your vibration.  When you raise your own  vibrational frequency, then you are more closely matched to the frequency or energy level that psychic vibrations ride on.  Meditation allows you to raise your vibrational frequency by helping you to find, and hold a state of inner peace and serenity.  From this state you are better able to pick up on the subtle messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides, and this allows you to tap into the highest universal truths.  Journal about your meditation experiences, and it will help you to be more mentally and emotionally connected to receiving, and processing extra sensory information.

* Practice reading energies – You may begin by working on connecting with or reading the energy frequencies of things in nature, like a  plant or a tree.  Focus on how the plant or tree feels, and energetically connect with it.  Allowing yourself to get a sensation or visual image of it’s roots, and how it draws nutrients from the earth, or how it is collecting light from the sun with it’s leaves.  This exercise increases your sensitivity to energy frequencies other than your own. Once you feel like you have successfully connected with a plant or tree, then move on to an animal, or a person.  Pay attention to how all of these different frequencies feel to you. You may start receiving visual images, sounds, and physical sensations attached to the different energy frequencies. Take careful notes, writing down everything that you receive.

* Receive a reading – Make an appointment with Psychic Reader that you feel comfortable with, and pay attention to what they do to receive psychic vibrations.  Ask them questions about how they developed their abilities and what those abilities feel like to them.  As they read for you, allow yourself to feel the energy of the reader and the environment around them, helping you to get acquainted with the energy involved when a person is communicating psychically.

* Read for a friend – Find an open minded friend who will support you in your goals of developing your psychic abilities by allowing you to practice reading for them.  This can be very fun and gives you the opportunity to get some feedback on the information that you are receiving.  It is best to pick someone who will be very comfortable with you, and who will support your efforts with honesty and enthusiasm.

Learning how to open your psychic abilities should be done with the intention to use them in positive ways.  You should always respect other people’s boundaries and not try to snoop around in their heads or give them unsolicited advice. Using your Divine gifts for the highest purpose will bring wonderful blessings to your life!

Blessings to all!



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